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Labor and Supplies

Unlike other contractors, I have ZERO hidden fees, as my price is ALL-INCLUSIVE.

Your guaranteed quote will include all supplies (paint, rollers, floor coverings...EVERYTHING)  and I do not mark up supply costs.  You pay MY cost.  I am not in the business of selling paint and supplies for.  I am in the business of painting your place to perfection.

I highly recommend using top quality paint, which I can purchase for roughly the same price you would have to pay to get mediocre quality paint on your own.  

Using top quality paint not only gives a richer look, it also gives a look that lasts for years to come.

Your home or business is my priority.  Every job is handled with great attention to detail. 

95 percent of my business comes directly from word of mouth.  That says a lot about the quality of my work and the mutual care  I have with my clients.

I hope I earn your business and your referral.

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